Precise Spatial Solutions

Modern mapping products are delivered across a broad range of mediums and spatial relationships can be visualised and represented in countless ways.

At Photomapping Services all the work we do has some foundation in mapping and the spatial sciences. We provide mapping services for projects of all sizes from the smallest of jobs to a full GIS mapping solution for cartographic retail release.

Our strength is our ability to evaluate our clients mapping requirements and collect, compile, analyse, organise and present relevant information to communicate meaningful spatial relationships.


Photomapping Services can provide start to finish photogrammetry services for your project ranging from Aerial Photography acquisition through to cartographic finalisation or GIS compilation. We use softcopy photogrammetry to collect data on numerous features specific to our customers' data management regime.

In the course of a photogrammetrical project we can provide:

  • GPS Control
  • Aerial Photography
  • Airborne GPS and Triangulation
  • Triangulation & Adjustments
  • Precise Photogrammetric Observation
  • Contour and Feature Mapping

Photomapping Services photogrammetric expertise can be leveraged to provide other allied services from our portfolio of solutions. This may include value adding to any photogrammetric project by producing orthophotos (Digital Imagery) or enriching the data for use in GIS.


Our clients choose Photomapping Services for accurate and comprehensive GIS and mapping services because we have access to the latest technology and extensive mapping databases including archival photography and mapping from State and Federal governments. We can also assist you with programming and customisation of GIS software.

Photomapping Services are industry leaders in mapping and GIS solutions. If you would like more information on how we can assist with your mapping and GIS needs, please contact us today.

Some of our many map production and GIS services include:

  • Computer Aided Design/Drafting
  • Topographical Map Production & Revision
  • Digital Terrain Model Generation
  • Cross Section & Profile Plans
  • Environmental Mapping
  • GIS Implementation, GIS Revision and Enhancement
  • Data Collection, Conversion & Integration
  • Volume Calculations
  • Coordinate and Datum Transformations
  • Mines Department Submissions

Topographic Map Production

  • Conversion of 3D data into cartographic format for map production
  • Useful for production of tourist and general mapping
  • Useful to present navigational and directional information
  • Ideal for governments, parks and tourism bodies

Volume Calculations

  • 3D model of a quarry site collected through photogrammetry and superimposed over an orthophoto
  • Useful to determine actual volumes
  • Useful to project proposed volumes
  • Ideal for mining industry mapping
  • Ideal for infrastructure planning and engineering

Cross Section & Profile Plans

  • 3D model of extensive drainage network
  • A cross section of a worksite design
  • Useful to existing or projected engineering design
  • Ideal for infrastructure and mining companies